From: impishtrish
Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2006 7:48 PM
To: info
Subject: israeli/american flag

Dear Jarrow,

I have used your products for years, but was disturbed by the image of the Israeli and American flags on your home page of your website.

I am saddened by the conflict, as I'm sure you are, between the Israelis and the Palestinians. I cannot continue to buy products from a company that agrees with the current approach of the Israeli government to destroy Palestinian homes, cut down ancient olive groves, and demean and push the Palestinians to desperate acts through too many policies to mention. I hope that you can reassure me that you do not support the policies and posture taken by Sharon's government and that you support Palestinian rights and dignity.


Middle East Children's Alliance

Email reply from Jarrow Rogovin (Chairman of the Board of Jarrow Formulas):
23 January 2006 8:19:43 PM Pacific Standard Time

Madam, You are a pure bred idiot!

First, as an aside, a very large number of owners of dietary supplement companies are Jewish and agree with my sentiments. So go find an Arab-Nazi sympathizer to make your supplements. I don't know of one.

Second, you have NO idea of what you are writing about but one of the reasons I put the flags on our site IS because of dolts like you....They HATE it and love it when they do.

Third, the Arabs were PRO-Nazi all through WW2. Oh yes...and they conspired with the Nazis to murder the Jews. In Croatia, the firing squads were manned by Muslims. Tunisia and Morocco were registering their Jews before Montgomery beat Rommel in the Africa Corps Campaign. The LEADER OF THE PALESTINIANS spent the war in Berlin after....He went to Baghdad to attempt to lead a coup against the British so Iraq's oil could go to Hitler. He failed; the British put down the coup attempt; he fled to Germany from where he....traveled to Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania INSISTING to their leaders that they cooperate with the Germans, not protect their Jews, because otherwise they would end up in Palestine. (A Roman word, dear, NOT Arab.) After the war, a wanted war criminal, he fled in '46 to Cairo, joining his nephew who was BORN and RAISED in Cairo and who was YASSIR ARAFAT -- my dumb little pro-Arab, anti-Semitic fool.

There are 22 Arab states. They have 10% of the world's land; 50% of its oil and 5% of its population. Israel is 1/1000th of the world's land; no oil; and 0.1% of the world's population. The Arabs want the Jews dead: One week they say that the Holocaust was a lie so the Jews could steal Arab land. The next week they have only "one complaint" against Hitler: He didn't finish the job. Oh...OF COURSE, 9/11 was George Bush's (and Israel's) fault....

The deathrate of Israeli women and children in the intifada is 35%; of Arabs, 5%...because Arabs TARGET them whereas such Arab deaths are collateral damage to self-defense.

Look, you're a goofball. I DON'T have time to educate someone as naive and leftist as you. IF you want to learn anything at all about how pro-facist the mainstream Arab world is, read It's translations of the Arab press, media, school books, etc. but probably too sophisticated for you because it's truthful. Since I personally survived an Arab ambush in '92 when visiting Israel, I just might be slightly biased against the scum who tried to murder me because I'm a Jew...but that is undoubtedly a subtlety that is lost on a leftwing moron.

Last, IF you had ANY brains at all, IF you had ANY consistency at all, you would be upset at the Nazi treatment accorded women in the Muslim/Arab world...and start to understand that they treat Jews just about the same way.


P.S. The dirty little secret of the Arabs -- including the Palestinians, is there abuse of Christians and how Christian Arabs have been fleeing to the West.....but you still don't get it, do you.

DON'T write back...I don't have time for your stupidity: Israel is entitled to self-defense and it's just too damned bad if tearing up an "ancient olive tree" takes away the hiding place of a sniper who's murdering Jews...including children...including SHOOTING DELIBERATELY PREGNANT JEWISH WOMEN IN THE BELLY. Get real Trish.