Date: Sun,  1 Oct 2006 00:50:53 +0300
Subject:  [Segel-plus] Ghazi Falah

Looking through Ghazi Falah's site  (,I founnd out in
his cv, the paragraph regarding  education, that he got his PhD in Durham.
Falah ommited any details regarding  his undergraduate and graduate studies.
It should be noted therefore that he  got his BA in Haifa and MA in the
department of Geography, The Hebrew  University. Falah got most of his
education, from elementry to MA in the Israeli education
system. Had not it been for Israel,  Falah, although his name born and raised in
a Bedouin village, would have been  hearding [herding] his sheeps on the
slopes of the mountains of Galilee  rather than teaching geography in Ohio.
Falah, yet an Israeli  citizen, showed his greatfullness to Israel by
becoming an anti Israeli  propaganda agent.I do not know the real circumstances of his
arrest, we have  only his version presented by Ilan Pappe. Nevertheless,
regarding his record  of anti-Israeli activism, and the fact he was taking
pictures in an area  close to the Lebenese border, his arrest for 23 days for
interrogation seems  reasonable. Falah was released and one can assume there
were no valid  evidence found in his case. It seems as a rather fair treatment
in accordance  with Israeli law. His accusations are no more than a part of
his anti Israeli  crusade.
Arnon  Golan

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