Dear Dr. Golan,

I do not know you, and I definitely do not wish to ever meet you or hear
from you, after reading your disturbing, ill-informed, racist, and
miss-spelt comments about another academic like yourself, which you thought
was reasonably arrested without charge for 23 days, because of his
anti-Zionist activities. Let me tell you that you may pass my details to the
Israeli security services, as I qualify for a much longer arrest under your
mad scheme. I have been an anti-Zionist for 3 decades, and have spoken on
numerous occasions against the continuation of the illegal occupation,
racism in Israel, and especially in Israeli universities, where people like
you are a blot on Jewish history, supporting and abetting the worst
atrocities, out of sheer hate of the Palestinian other. According to you, I
may be eligible for years in jail, for this specific crime: speaking against
the crimes of the Israeli regime. There are many like me, and our number
grows all the time, in direct response to actions such as your own. It
should come to you as no surprise then, that such words as you have written
help us to persuade people everywhere in the need of an academic boycott
against Israeli institutions which continue to support the occupation.

You may indeed, want to reflect about the wisdom of racist utterance: Not
everything which can be said in Israel, in Hebrew, between racists such as
yourself, is right for publication in English! You see, Dr. Golan, not
everyone is to be trusted with your deep racism! Next time, better shut up
and think.

You may not respond to this message, which is sent purely to let you know
that your words will be widely used to illustrate what Palestinians are
facing in Israeli universities, which is similar to what they face
elsewhere, from the checkpoints to the roads, to any contact with Israeli

Thank you for being unwittingly frank,

Haim Bresheeth