Palestine-related events

“Jump For Gaza” - Skydive Event for Irish Ship To Gaza

Date(s): 12 Mar 2011

Area: Co. Derry

Venue: Wild Geese Skydiving School

Derry Friends of Palestine is teaming up with Friends of Palestine Belfast for an amazing Irish Ship to Gaza skydive event called “Jump for Gaza” in aid of the Irish Ship to Gaza campaign. And just to prove this is an all Ireland campaign to send an Irish Ship to Gaza, that’s right, our own Fintan Lane, Irish Ship to Gaza coordinator, will be Jumping for Gaza!! What about them Cork lads, they’re a brave lot!!

The event itself will take place at the Wild Geese Skydiving school in County Derry, March 12th 2011. So plenty of time to raise sponsorship monies for a great cause!! You can register to jump online at our Facebook event HERE, once registered you will be emailed your sponsorship form and can start fundraising right away!!

If you are not on Facebook then you can email (minus the spaces) Philly at friendsofpalestinebelfast @ or Sinead at chair @ for more information and to register or get your sponsorship form.

The Wild Geese are located at Movenis Airfield, Carrowreagh Road,
Garvagh, Co. Derry. Here is some information from the Wild Geese about making your first jump!!

Are you 16 years or over, if so, then let us introduce you to an experience of a lifetime. A thrill that you will never forget. Your first sky-dive will remain forever in your memory. A thrill that you will not only experience during your first sky-dive but continue, should you go on to make many hundreds more! We work under the regulations of the British Parachute Association (B.P.A.), the governing body of our sport in the U.K., therefore all your training will be carried out by highly qualified B.P.A. Approved Instructors.

A full time operation, the centre itself is open seven days a week, all year round. Now all we need is your commitment to join us in the most amazing world and off-this-planet (literally) experience of Skydiving.

Read about what your first jump experience will be like HERE

• Minimum age is 16yrs.
• Under 18’s need parental/guardian written consent before training and jumping: (Please Click HERE to download and print the appropriate form).
• Anyone 40 yrs and over will need a doctor’s written permission before jumping, get it HERE.
No maximum age for those doing a Tandem Skydive.
• Weight limits for a Tandem Skydive are:
– Male 102kg. (15 stone) max.
– Female 82kg. (13 stone) max


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