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Israeli Apartheid Week 2011: CRH Complicity With Israeli Apartheid Information Stall

Date(s): 12 Mar 2011

Time(s): 1:00PM

Area: Dublin

Venue: Gratfon Street, D2

IPSC INFORMATION STALL: From 1-4pm on Saturday 12th March there will be an IPSC information distribution stall and ‘mock checkpoint’ taking place at the Stephen’s Green end of Grafton Street.

We will be highlighting the role of Irish multinational CRH in facilitating Israeli Apartheid and human rights abuses against Palestinians through its failure to comply with international law due to its awareness of, proximity to and financial benefit derived from the construction of Israel’s illegal apartheid wall, colonial settlements, settler-only roads and light rail system. For background see

This event is organised by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) as one of a series of events taking place around Ireland during international Israeli Apartheid Week 2011 (6 – 12 March). For more information on other events in Ireland please see: and for a brochure of Dublin events please see the PDF below.

Israeli Apartheid Week 2011
Israeli Apartheid Week 2011

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