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3 Jan 2010
Viva Palestina convoy to leave for El-Arish by chartered flight

Viva Palestina Convoy To Leave For El-arish, Egypt By Chartered Flight

LATTAKIA PORT (Syria), Jan 3 (Bernama) -- The Viva Palestina convoy is scheduled to leave for El-Arish, Egypt on a chartered flight at 4am Monday.

Viva Palestina convoy leader, Kevin Ovenden said the Egyptian authorities had given verbal permission but the convoy was pushing for a written confirmation for the contingent members to land in the Egyptian territory.

Once the matter was solved the first group would leave at 4am Monday as their arrival in El-Arish should coincide with the arrival of the vehicles and aid on board the ship from Lattakia Port.

The cargo ship - Ulosoy 6, which was supposed to sail yesterday had to postponed soon after all vehicles were loaded on the ship while another delay was caused by bad weather.

However, the private ship from Istanbul left the Lattakia port for El-Arish port at 9am Sunday and the journey through the Mediterranean Sea would take longer due to certain circumstances.

It was understood that the ship will have to sail further west, the route which will take up approximately 22 hours, four extra hours from the earlier schedule.

The convoy, both contingent members and the vehicles are hoping to reach the Rafah border by Tuesday morning.



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