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1 May 2010
Irish activist detained by Israeli soldiers (Irish Times)

Irish activist detained by Israeli soldiers 
The Irish Times, Sat 1st May 2010

WEST BANK – Irish activist Tommy Donnellan was injured and detained by Israeli soldiers yesterday while filming the weekly protest against the West Bank wall at Bil’in village, writes Michael Jansen .

“The Israelis had used gas indiscriminately to disperse the protest. Although it was winding down, there were some [Palestinian] stone throwers. But instead of going for them they went for me,” said Mr Donnellan (63), a Galway resident.

“I was filming with a zoom lens when four or five Israeli soldiers rushed me and snatched away my gas mask violently. A metal bit on the strap took off the top of my left ear.”

He also received a three- inch gash on his right leg.

Mr Donnellan was arrested and taken behind a shed, where he said he was held for two hours and “was treated in a polite and civilised way”.

The focus of the demonstration was the connection of Irish cement firm CRH with the construction of a wall that has cut Bil’in off from agricultural land – the main source of income for the village.

CRH owns 25 per cent of Israel’s only cement company, (Mashav) Nesher Cement.


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