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Press Release

2 Mar 2008
Act Now for Gaza - IPSC Statement 03.03.08

General Release: For immediate release
Date: 03/03/08
Issued by: Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Gaza: Why the Irish Government and Community Leaders must shout ‘STOP!’

“What is it going to take for the Irish Government to shout ‘STOP’ to the slaughter which is taking place in Gaza?” Marie Crawley, the new National Chairperson of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign asked today.

She continued: ‘Following a weekend in over 100 Palestinians have been killed, at least 17 of whom were children, and a further 150 people injured, why does the Irish Government remain silent? What on earth will it take for Irish politicians, religious, civic and community leaders, celebrities and all right thinking people on this island to say ‘enough is enough’?

“In a week in which the deputy Israeli defence minister Matan Vilnai warned Palestinians they would bring a ‘bigger holocaust’ upon themselves - actually using the term Shoah which applies to the Nazi murder of Jews in the Second World War - there can no longer be any ambiguity about Israel’s intentions. Yet the Irish government stands silently by. We are not innocent bystanders. Israel is a country whose embassy we host, whose ambassador we host; it is a country with whom our government promotes special economic and political relations. We hide behind EU policy in continuing the merciless strangling of economic, civil and political life in Gaza. In other words, as a country, we are complicit with what Israel is doing in Gaza. By failing to oppose in the strongest possible terms the Israeli slaughter, or to use their own word the holocaust, of Palestinians - we too are guilty”, she said.

She further stated that: “Irish political leaders must show political courage. We call on the Irish Government to condemn what is happening in Gaza in the strongest possible terms and to break with the criminal negligence of EU foreign policy. At a time when we are being asked to endorse a new EU Treaty which strengthens the EU foreign policy role, surely the Irish government must prove that it can still reflect the values of the Irish people by condemning these attacks and supporting calls for economic sanctions on Israel for these war-crimes.”

“We further call on the Irish government to immediately move to impose sanctions against Israel, including calling for the suspension of the Euro-Mediterranean Agreement which affords Israel preferential trading conditions with the EU. Such sanctions may be difficult to impose but surely the ‘cost’ is less than the burden of having so much Palestinian blood on our hands?”, she concluded.



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