An Open Letter to Congressman Weiner

Article/book #: 10500
Title: An Open Letter to Congressman Weiner
By: Andrew N. Rubin  
Date of issue: Tuesday, 9 November 2004
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»Yet unlike you, I do not share your belief that you have shared recently with The New York Sun that Professor Joseph Massad at Columbia University is an anti-Semite and should be fired for the exercise of so-called bias in the classroom. I have known Professor Joseph Massad for ten years personally and have read many of his incisive books, essays, and articles that have widely expanded our knowledge of the historical sources and effects of Zionism in this world, and I find your charges of anti-Semitism against him dishonest, defamatory, and even barbaric in its conflation of the criticism of various forms and practices of various Zionist ideologies with the hatred of and the discrimination against Jews.«

»In spite of your public insinuations and political campaign to influence Columbia University – an institution, alas, outside of your own district and real constituency – to fire Professor Massad, as you wrote in a recent letter to Columbia University’s President, Lee Bollinger (that somehow made its way into the pages of the New York Sun), you seem to overlook the fact that should be a foundational tenet to any Congressman like you – the fair and transparent democratic process of political representation. The casuistry and dramatic irony fails to phase you as a representative: not a single student (former or otherwise) of his has ever filed a material complaint against him alleging the exercise of bias in the classroom as you and those behind your shameful efforts continue to imply disgracing the principle of academic freedom.«

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