Letter to MAP re Atzmon jazz concert

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Title: Letter to MAP re Atzmon jazz concert
By: Tony Greenstein  
Date of issue: Thursday, 30 April 2009
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Commentary (by a person who is not a member of the UCC Palestine Solidarity Campaign ):

Source of letter: this was distributed widely by Tony Greenstein; email was forwarded to PIWP by one of the recipients

Additional Commentary (by Paul de Rooij -- 4 May 2009 (amended 12 Nov 2009)):

Here is another demonstration of Tony Greenstein's obsession with Gilad Atzmon, and his attempts to censor or bar Atzmon from performing or speaking in public; this seems to be Greenstein's principal preoccupation. And how much difference have Tony Greenstein's ruminations made for the Palestinians? How many funds has Greenstein raised for MAP, the charity he seeks to persuade to distance itself from Atzmon? The answer is evident.

Another interesting observation is that Greenstein got about 30 mostly Jewish people to sign a letter/petition for MAP not to accept the proceeds from Gilad's concert. Here is a group of Jews petitioning Palestinians not to accept donations for Gaza from Gilad! Now, isn't that nice!? TonyG quickly removed those names to avoid further embarassment.

One can't take Greenstein seriously when pontificating about anything – the little squirt doesn't have any moral standing. On this count, it behooves Palestinians and solidarity activists to distance themselves from this snake in the grass.

»Email sent by Greenstein to his buddies to join the campaign to dissociate MAP from Gilad Atzmon

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 20:59:18 +0000
From: tonygreenstein@yahoo.com
Subject: Letter to MAP re Atzmon jazz concert
To: tonygreenstein@yahoo.com

A number of us have agreed to send a letter to Medical Aid for Palestinians concerning a benefit concert which Gilad Atzmon is playing tonight for them.
It is not intended that this letter will be publicised but that it should show the depth of feeling of people concerning someone who is clearly anti-Semitic.
The phrase 'opponents of Zionism' rather than 'anti-Zionists' has been used so that those who are non-Zionists can feel able to sign, as some have.
If you are happy to have your signature added, can you please just reply back saying that you agree.
I should add that the feedback we have got from MAP already is that they are very sympathetic to this and this is really intended to show them the depth of peoples' feeling. Atzmon is now openly consorting with people like Michel Renouf, an open holocaust denier and co-ordinator of a support campaign for fellow hd'ers like Irving and Ernst Zundel who come into conflict with the law.

Tony Greenstein«

Letter sent to MAP follows

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