A History of the Jews : Ancient and Modern

Article/book #: 115859
Title: A History of the Jews : Ancient and Modern
By: Ilan Halevi   A M Berrett (translator)  
Date of issue: May 1987
Publisher: Zed Books
ISBN: 0862325315

Topic(s) addressed: People/entities mentioned in this item: Place(s) mentioned in this item: Timeline event(s) mentioned in this item:
   19 Jan 1839: British East India Company land Royal Marines at Aden
          1840:Emigration of Sanaa Jews to Aden
      Sep 1920:Land Transfer Ordinance
        (p. 182)
      Oct 1920:Mahlul Land Ordinance
        (p. 182)
      Oct 1924:Struggle for the lands around Al Fulah

  1. English translation from this book
  2. When discussing the Jewish tribal myth, on pages 99-100 of this book, Halevi refers to this responsum by Maimonides to Obadiah the Proselyte
  3. Refers to this book by Arthur Koestler
  4. Refers to this document by Bruno Bauer
  5. Refers to this document by Karl Marx
  6. Page 147 of this book refers to this utterance by Leon Pinsker
  7. Quotes, on page 157, from this book, by Shabtai B. Beit-Zvi
  8. Refers, on page 156, to this book by Nathan Yellin-Mor
  9. The Palestinian villages whose farmlands Halevi says were sold (see page 181 of this book) may be among those listed in this table produced by the Shaw Commission
  10. Refers to this book, by David Ben-Gurion

  11. This article by David Finkel in Against the Current refers to this book


Quotations from this item:
Maimonides (1200):  "By entering into the Covenant, you too have become the descendant of the Patriar... "
Schmuel Hugo Bergmann (1915):  "It is true that the first phase of the conquest took place under the sign of the... "
drafter of Nuremberg laws (1933):  "The model that I have kept constantly in front of me throughout the drafting of ... "
David Ben-Gurion (1957):  "Another aim of the Sinai Campaign was to diminish the stature of the Egyptian di... "
Shabtai B. Bet-Zvi (1977):  "For a while, which was decisive and fatal, Zionist newspapers expressed open and... "
Ouri Eisenzweig (1980):  "similar about the Palestine ... To Prince Hohenlohe, the Prussian imperial chanc... "
Ilan Halevi:  "For the assumed descent was not conceived of as solely spiritual. Even if only f... "
Ilan Halevi:  "The rhythm of land acquisitions slowed during the 1930s, after reaching a peak i... "

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