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Wed, 9 Feb 2005
Four houses were destroyed in the area of Ashalim
Tue, 8 Feb 2005
Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire
Sharm el-Sheikh summit
Mon, 7 Feb 2005
US Senate Concurrent Resolution 79:
end of First visit to Palestine/Israel of Condoleezza Rice as US Secretary of State
Sun, 6 Feb 2005
start of First visit to Palestine/Israel of Condoleezza Rice as US Secretary of State
Tue, 1 Feb 2005
Attorney-General cancels decision to apply Absentees' Property Law to East Jerusalem
4,000 dunams of crops were destroyed in the unrecognized villages of Al-Aragib and Awagan
Mon, 31 Jan 2005
Knesset votes to extend validity of 2003 Amendment to 1952 Citizenship Law
end of Anti-disengagement demonstration in Jerusalem
Murder of Rafah schoolgirl, Noran Iyad Deeb, threatens undeclared truce
Sun, 30 Jan 2005
Election in Iraq
start of Anti-disengagement demonstration in Jerusalem
Thu, 27 Jan 2005
Local council elections in the Gaza Strip
Wed, 26 Jan 2005
Israeli army fires on Gaza family's tent home, killing 3-year old girl
Wed, 19 Jan 2005
Exposure of fact that Israeli government has decided to strip Palestinians of East Jerusalem property
Mon, 17 Jan 2005
More than 1,100 dunams of crops were destroyed in the area of Hashem Zane by tractors of the Land Authority
Sat, 15 Jan 2005
46 members of the Palestinian Central Election Commission resign
Mahmoud Abbas sworn in as PA president
Thu, 13 Jan 2005
Palestinian resistance fighters use truck bomb to attack Israeli position near the Karni crossing, Gaza

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Mideast crisis in Manhattan

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Article/book #: 14040
Title: Mideast crisis in Manhattan
By: Shoshana Kordova   
Published in: Ha’aretz
Date of issue: Monday, 7 February 2005
Topic(s) addressed: People/entities mentioned in this item:


A controversial movie depicting pro-Israel students' allegations of intimidation at the hands of Columbia University professors is only the first step in a campaign needed to fight the "new anti-Semitism" rampant on American college campuses, Minister Natan Sharansky said at the first Jerusalem screening of "Columbia Unbecoming." Deploring the fact that only a small amount of Jewish students are willing to complain publicly about anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiments, the minister of Jerusalem and Diaspora affairs compared today's college students to a group with which he is more familiar: Russian Jews who kept silent because they feared state retaliation if they spoke out about their plight.

"The future leaders of American Jewry are becoming 'Jews of Silence,'" Sharansky said Saturday night at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, where the movie was shown to an audience of about 400.

"There are islands of anti-Semitism, and these islands are student campuses," said Sharansky, who has visited 26 American college campuses as part of his "Back to the Campus" initiative. "And all this is done in the name of academic freedom."

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