The Mess at Columbia University: The Zionist McCarthyites and an Orgy of Hate

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Article/book #: 15797
Title: The Mess at Columbia University: The Zionist McCarthyites and an Orgy of Hate
By: David Shasha  
Published in: Sephardic Heritage Update, issue 149
Date of issue: Wednesday, 23 March 2005
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Commentary (by JB):

report on "Conference Review: The Middle East and Academic Integrity on the American Campus", Columbia University, March 6, 2005

The legacy of Edward Said, a Palestinian academic who was perhaps the first Anglophone intellectual of any public standing who sought to articulate the hitherto silent voice of the Palestinian Arabs, has become more than a trifling matter among latter-day Zionists. The recent flap over Jewish student accusations of intimidation by MEALAC professors, MEALAC being the Middle Eastern Studies department at Columbia University, perhaps the most prestigious college in New York City, has caused an outbreak of hate and derision the likes of which we rarely see in the seemingly benign world of the modern academy. Columbia was host to the March 6th conference which was meant to address the issues arising from the MEALAC controversy.

The conference was sponsored by Jewish and pro-Israel groups on the Columbia Campus and largely by The David Project, a recently-formed advocacy project that has made a number of media splashes most prominently through the work of Rachel Fish, a former Harvard Divinity School student, who created a furor over the donation of $2.5 million to the school by an Arab potentate from the United Arab Emirates a check that was returned by Harvard in August 2004, a year and a half after Fishs initial campaign.

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