New bill threatens intellectual freedom in area studies

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Article/book #: 28560
Title: New bill threatens intellectual freedom in area studies
By: Benita Singh  
Published in: Yale Daily News
Date of issue: Thursday, 6 November 2003
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The 1996 Solomon Amendment, which denies federal funding to institutions of higher learning that refuse to allow military recruiters on campus, once seemed to be the gravest attack by the government on academic freedom. Yet it is actually only the beginning of what seems to be a string of attempts by the federal government to dictate what takes place at both public and private universities across the country.

This past month, Congress passed HR 3077, the "International Studies in Higher Education Act of 2003." The bill reauthorizes and extends Title VI programs that ensure that public funds are not used to support or further racial discrimination at educational institutions. Since 1964, area studies programs and the study of underrepresented languages have been supported by Title VI funding.

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