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Thu, 9 Mar 2006
BBC reveals that Britain secretly gave plutonium to Israel for nuclear weapons
Tue, 7 Mar 2006
end of AIPAC Annual Conference
Mon, 6 Mar 2006
Israeli attack in Gaza leaves 5 Palestinians, including 3 children, dead
Sun, 5 Mar 2006
start of AIPAC Annual Conference
Fri, 3 Mar 2006
Three Israelis explode "firecrackers" (and attempted to set fire to or blow up several small gas canisters) inside the Nazareth Basilica
Russian talks with Hamas
Mar 2006
Israel bombards Palestine Football Stadium in Gaza City
Tue, 28 Feb 2006
end of Shannon airport facilitates US export of Apache helicopters to Israel
Mon, 27 Feb 2006
5 houses were demolished in the village of Um Mitanan
start of Shannon airport facilitates US export of Apache helicopters to Israel
Zionist pressure causes New York cancellation of play about Rachel Corrie
Fri, 24 Feb 2006
London Mayor Ken Livingstone suspended for a month due to a purported insult against a Jewish journalist
Wed, 22 Feb 2006
end of Israeli army attack on Balata refugee camp
Iran offers to assist the Palestinian government/Hamas
Sun, 19 Feb 2006
Israel freezes Palestinian funds
Hamas nominates Ismail Haniyeh as new Palestinian Prime Minister
start of Israeli army attack on Balata refugee camp
Sat, 18 Feb 2006
Swearing-in of members of the Palestinian parliament
Tue, 14 Feb 2006
Ariel Sharon's son sentenced to 9 months in gaol for political corruption
Mon, 13 Feb 2006
Final session of pre-Hamas Palestinian parliament

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AIPAC Conference 2006: Speech by John Bolton (transcript)

Article/book #: 34951
Title: AIPAC Conference 2006: Speech by John Bolton (transcript)
By: John Bolton  
Date of issue: Sunday, 5 March 2006
Topic(s) addressed: Timeline event(s) mentioned in this item:
   05 Mar 2006
to 07 Mar 2006
AIPAC Annual Conference

Commentary (by a person who is not a member of the UCC Palestine Solidarity Campaign ):

Of course, Bolton is the man who just received the "defender of zionism" award a few months ago.

The confirmation fight for Bolton to acceed to his UN post has been quietly forgotten. If one reads this speech, then one certainly knows what a mistake his appointment to the UN has been.


»I wish that I could stand before you here today and say that in the year 2006, we have not observed some very troubling developments. Sadly, it seems that we have traveled back in time in some ways: back to a time when a world leader trumpets the call of war and openly calls for the destruction of the state of Israel; back to a time when this same leader brazenly and with shocking ignorance questions the horrors that unfolded with the Holocaust. While Mr. Ahmadi-nejad, president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has clearly failed his lessons in history, indulge me a moment if you will to offer him up at least one lesson on current events: our commitment to Israel’s security and the alliance between the United States and Israel are unshakeable. The work AIPAC has done to forge and strengthen those ties should serve as a powerful reminder to any leader now or in the future that, simply put, there will be no destruction of the state of Israel.«

»I sometimes find it an odd question because to me the answer is so strikingly simple, but I have been asked before why I remain so strongly committed to the protection, preservation and prosperity of Israel. My answer is straightforward: unlike Mr. Ahmadi-nejad, I know my history. Whether from school, or more poignantly and heart-breakingly, from the stories of survivors of the Holocaust, I know what can happen when we turn a blind eye to tyranny, whether it manifests itself as fascism or, in this case, as totalitarianism. Many of you here in this room are responsible for helping me, indeed all Americans, to understand this undeniable truth. But know that I will do what I can to continue to fight against anti-Semitism in whatever form it takes, and wherever it happens, including at the United Nations. As it turns out, and as you well know, my current position lends itself well to such a fight. Your unrelenting and constant support, though, has been indispensable in our mutual fight for what we cherish most – freedom and democracy. For that, I thank you.«

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