A Stab in the Back

Article/book #: 4496
Title: A Stab in the Back
By: Shaul Tsadka  
Date of issue: 2003
Topic(s) addressed:
Commentary (by JB):

An aggressive attack on Israeli academics who have criticised the policies of the Sharon government. This English translation of an article that appeared in Hebrew on Benjamin Netanyahu's website was posted to the ALEF discussion forum on 18 October 2003 by Baruch Kimmerling, one of the academics who is attacked by name. Here is the original Hebrew version of the article.

This is an appeal to clean the Augean stables of academe. ... Here's a random list. At Tel Aviv University: Miriam Shlesinger, Linda Ben-Zvi, Freddie Rokem, Hillel Shoken, Hannah and Zeev Herzon, Eva Yablonka, Zvi Razi (who holds that Israel [has] become a near-Nazi state), and Aharon Shabtai. At Haifa University: Yaakov and Tamar Katriel, Micha Leshem, Henry Rosenfeld and Hannah Safran. At the Hebrew University: Shalom Bar, Galit Rokem, Hanan Hever and the various Kimmerlings and Zimmermans. ... In their hypocrisy, they get a good grip on the national udders and milk it for all it's worth, while seizing every opportunity to stab it in the back. The time has come, therefore, for the silent majority to give them their due. This majority cannot simply stand by idly and watch a libelous orgy in which Israel is turned into the universal pariah. And the universities too must ask themselves whether to continue employing such people. The students should refrain from attending their lessons. A truth that is whispered in the corridors ought to be sounded loud and clear. ... Let them continue with their harangues. But don't let them use their academic freedom and the pocket of the Israeli taxpayer for their baseless mudslinging. It is time for us to demand that the Council of Higher Education and the Ministe r of Education take up the challenge.

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