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Thu, 8 Feb 2007
Hamas and Fatah reach a partial agreement on the formation of a "unity government"
Lebanese army impounds shipment of Hezbollah weapons
Wed, 7 Feb 2007
Lebanese army positions are bombed by Israeli forces after an Israeli incursion into Southern Lebanon
Interior Ministry forces destroyed six homes occupied leaving some 70 Bedouin homeless
Israeli Interior Ministry forces demolish barracks in the unrecognized village of Tuawil abu-Jarwal
Iranian general disappears in Istanbul
Tue, 6 Feb 2007
Khaled Meshal and Ismail Haniyeh meet Mahmoud Abbas in Mecca
Excavation begins near the Temple Mount/Haram El Sharif area
Israeli Ministry of Interior forces demolish six houses in the unrecognized village of Tel al-Batel
Israeli interior forces destroy 400 acres of seeded fields near the unrecognized village of Qseifa
Fri, 2 Feb 2007
Irish foreign minister visits Irish troops in Lebanon
Israeli occupation forces assassinate two Palestinians in Beitunyah
Thu, 1 Feb 2007
start of Another round of Fatah-Hamas fighting in Gaza
Irish foreign minister visits Egypt
Israeli occupation forces attack Nablus killing two Palestinians
Israel imposes requirement for passport/laissez passer on Palestinians from Israel/Jerusalem entering Gaza Strip
75 houses in Amra Tarabin, unrecognized village in the Negev, receive demolition orders
Wed, 31 Jan 2007
British parliamentary committee issues report criticising the boycott of the Palestinian National Authority and calling for sanctions against Israel
Irish foreign minister visits Bethlehem and Jerusalem
Tue, 30 Jan 2007
end of Visit to Qatar by Shimon Peres

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The American proxy war in Gaza

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Article/book #: 56886
Title: The American proxy war in Gaza
By: Ali Abunimah  
Published in: Electronic Intifada
Date of issue: Saturday, 3 February 2007



What lies behind the bloody battles between Hamas and Fatah loyalists which have claimed dozens of Palestinian lives in Gaza in recent days and increased fears of a Palestinian civil war? EI co-founder Ali Abunimah argues that in the minds of Bush administration ideologues, Palestine has become another front in what they conceive as a new Cold War against "Islamofascism." Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Gaza warlord Muhammad Dahlan have become the willing proxies for an American war spreading across the region. And as Palestinians kill each other, Israel watches -- and lets the weapons come in -- with glee.

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