Be careful what you say on campus

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Article/book #: 6602
Title: Be careful what you say on campus
By: Beshara Doumani  
Published in: Electronic Intifada
Date of issue: Monday, 5 April 2004
Topic(s) addressed:


House Resolution 3077 passed last fall. It included a provision to establish an advisory board to monitor campus international studies centers in order to ensure that they advance the national interest. While the law would apply to all federally funded institutes with an international focus, the target is clearly the nation's 17 centers for Middle East studies. The driving force behind this provision is the same group of conservative ideologues who have long promoted the war on Iraq and who support the extreme right-wing politics of the Sharon government in Israel. Their aim is to defend the foreign policy of this administration by stifling critical and informed discussion on U.S. campuses. Professor Beshara Doumani reports.

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