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Sat, 5 Jan 2008
end of Large Israeli occupation force invades Nablus, wounds at least 38 Palestinian civilians and kidnaps others
Israeli occupation forces invade the village of Azun
Fri, 4 Jan 2008
Israeli occupation forces invade and ransack the house of the mayor of Al Bireh
Israeli war planes bomb the house of the family of an assassinated Palestinian resistance fighter
Thu, 3 Jan 2008
Israeli occupation forces harass several West Bank towns and kidnap at least 28 Palestinian civilians
Israeli occupation forces menace the Jenin refugee camp, Silat al Harthia and al Yamoun
start of Israeli forces attack various parts of Gaza killing at least 15 including civilians
Wed, 2 Jan 2008
start of Large Israeli occupation force invades Nablus, wounds at least 38 Palestinian civilians and kidnaps others
Settlers attack Palestinian protestors against the wall at Bil'in
Israeli occupation forces invade and harass several towns in the West Bank; at least eight Palestinian civilians kidnapped
House in Wadi Al-Meshash destroyed
Tue, 1 Jan 2008
Settlers burn down the 700-year-old Al-Hamadiyya Mosque in Al-Khader
Mon, 31 Dec 2007
Israeli occupation forces harass and menace the population of Kufr Dan
Israeli occupation forces harass several villages in the Hebron area; kidnap Palestinian civilians
Sun, 30 Dec 2007
Israeli soldiers assassinate a returning pilgrim at the Erez Crossing
France announces cutting diplomatic relations with Syria because of the situation in Lebanon
Sat, 29 Dec 2007
Israeli occupation forces harass the village of Kurf Dan; wanton destruction and damage to the electricity generator
Fri, 28 Dec 2007
Palestinian resistance fighters kill two Israeli occupation soldiers/settlers in the Hebron area
Israeli forces kill at least seven resistance fighters in Gaza. Israeli airplane bombs Southern Gaza

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Colonialism and Imperialism: Zionism

Article/book #: 75434
Title: Colonialism and Imperialism: Zionism
By: Smadar Lavie  
Date of issue: 2007
Topic(s) addressed: Journals mentioned in this item:

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Zionism is a European ideology of Jewish nationalism whose main goal was to colonize Palestine in order to establish a Jewish state. It can be seen as an ethnic by-product of the rise of modernist nationalism in Europe in the mid-nineteenth century. The Jewish state in Palestine was to redeem the persecuted Eastern European Jews through importing European cultural technology. Concurrently it planned to reinforce its conception of European superiority through primitivization of the native Palestinians. From the late nineteenth century on, Zionism was what motivated most of those Ashkenazim (European Jews from Yiddish-speaking countries) who immigrated to Palestine. In Zionist historiography, this period is termed the Yishuv (Hebrew, settling). Its motto: Palestine was a land without people that was to be settled by a people without a land.

This entry focuses on pre-1948 Zionism’s colonial ideology and imperialist practices toward Mizrahi women in Palestine. The Mizrahìm (easterners, orientals; Arabic, sharqìyùn) are the Jews not of Yiddish-speaking countries. They already resided in Palestine or immigrated to it mainly from the Arab world, and also from Persia, Turkey, the Balkans, Greece, and India. Mizrahim is a coalitional term. Culturally translated, it might be conceived as Jewish “people of color,” originating mostly in the Muslim world. The period covered is from the late nineteenth century, just on the eve of the British colonization of Palestine, until its end in 1948, with the establishment of the State of Israel, and the nakba (Arabic, catastrophe, the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes after the 1948 founding of the state of Israel).

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Smadar Lavie:  "The Zionist mother was called upon to raise a baby with a lucid mind, tough stom... "

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