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Tue, 7 Sep 1976
Publication of Koenig Report in the Israeli media

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Excerpts from The Koenig Report: Demographic Racism in Israel

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Article/book #: 76062
Title: Excerpts from The Koenig Report: Demographic Racism in Israel
By: Israel Koenig  
Published in: Middle East Report (MERIP), issue 51, pages 11 to 14
Date of issue: October 1976
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   07 Sep 1976:Publication of Koenig Report in the Israeli media

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Commentary (by MERIP ):

The following are major excerpts from the "Koenig memorandum," a confidential report to the lsraeli Ministry of Interior by its district representative in the northern part of the country, where the largest concentration of lsraeli Arabs reside. Its author, Yisrael Koenig, has served in that post for the last twelve years, and is well known in the region for his harsh treatment of lsraeli Arabs. The document, written many months ago, was released in early September by the M APAM daily Al Hamishmar. Although the document does not represent official government policy, it does reflect the thinking of an important segment of the Zionist policy makers. The sections entitled "The Arab Leadership and its implications" and "Law En forcement," and Koenig's introduction, have not been included, as well as substantial parts of the post-Land Day memorandum which repeats much of the earlier document. We have published what we feel to be the most significant parts of the document. A complete English version can be found in Foreign Broadcast Information Service, September 14, 1976, pp.N 1-N 14. SWASl A is planning a full translation in an upcoming issue. A week after the document was published in lsrael, Koenig was appointed to head a permanent committee in the northern district to combat Arab construction of 'illegal buildings" on 'plots belonging to the lsraeli land administration."


1. The natural increase of the Arab population in Israel is 5.9% annually against a natural increase of 1.5% annually among the Jewish population. This problem is particularly acute in the northern district where there is a large Arab population. In mid-1975 the Arab population of the northern district was 250,000 while the Jewish population was 289,000. A regional examination shows that in western Galilee the Arab population constitutes 67% of the total; in the region of Yizre'el the Arab population constitutes 48% of the total population. In 1974 only 759 Jews were added to the population of the northern district while the Arab population increased by 9,035.

According to this rate of increase, by 1978 Arabs will constitute over 51% of the total population of that district. The nationalists feel-as I do in regard to the Arab population- that the Arabs' increase in the Galilee will endanger our control of that area and will create possibilities for military forces from the north to infiltrate into that area in proportion to the acceleration of the nationalistic process among lsraeli Arabs and their willingness to help.

2. The lsraeli Arab population has received a nationalistic momentum since the 6-day war. The policy of free contact with the West Bank and the open bridges has renewed the contact between the Arabs of Judea and Samaria and the Palestinians east of the Jordan River, and this has created the basis for a show of determination and slogans for a nationalist struggle in Israel. This process, which was inevitable, gained momentum after the Yom Kippur war and was further strengthened after the international political events which were manifested in the recognition of the PLO as the standard bearer of the struggle in regard to the Palestinian problem. Recently there has been mention of the UN resolution about Israel's borders in 1974 according to which significant parts of this piece of land are not to be included in the State of Israel.

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