Sentimental journey

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Article/book #: 94236
Title: Sentimental journey
By: Ayelet Dekel  
Published in: Ha'aretz
Date of issue: Friday, 5 December 2008



"Religion at our house was music. We believed in music like other families believed in religion," says David Stern, the new music director of the Israeli Opera. "It was a source of comfort, direction, understanding, respect and structure; it had its own ethical compass."

Combining music, family and a relationship with Israel has been a way of life for the son of world-renowned violinist Isaac Stern and Vera Stern (who headed the America-Israel Cultural Foundation for many years). His musical identity has been forged through his work in opera and with period instruments, and through conducting orchestras around the world and serving as artistic director of Opera Fuoco in France; he is also the new music director of the St. Gallen Orchestra and Opera in Switzerland.

Since arriving in Tel Aviv two weeks ago, Stern has been engaged in intensive rehearsals of Josef Bardanashvili's opera "A Journey to the End of the Millennium," based on the novel by A.B. Yehoshua. The opera, which is directed by Omri Nitzan, originally premiered here in 2005; the revival began on December 3 and will be performed through Monday.

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