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Mon, 1 Nov 2004
A Palestinian youth from the Askar refugee camp blows himself up in Tel Aviv killing three
Fri, 29 Oct 2004
Arafat leaves Ramallah for Paris
Tue, 26 Oct 2004
Knesset passes Ariel Sharon's "disengagement" plan by 67 votes to 45
Sun, 17 Oct 2004
end of 4th National Conference of the US Palestine Solidarity Movement (PSM)
Fri, 15 Oct 2004
start of 4th National Conference of the US Palestine Solidarity Movement (PSM)
end of "Operation Days of Penitence" -- Israeli raid into northern Gaza Strip
Sun, 10 Oct 2004
Right-wing Israeli Jew attacks Armenian religious procession in Jerusalem
Sat, 9 Oct 2004
Settlers attack CPT members and Amnesty International researchers
Thu, 7 Oct 2004
Bombing of Hilton Hotel in Taba and other resorts in Sinai
Wed, 6 Oct 2004
Dov Weisglass explains the real meaning of the "disengagement plan"
Tue, 5 Oct 2004
Israeli army officer at the Girit outpost shoots and "confirms the killing" of 13 year-old Iman al-Hams on her way to school in Rafah
Fri, 1 Oct 2004
Israel attempts to discredit UNRWA by claiming misuse of UN ambulance
Large numbers of Israeli tanks join invasion of northern Gaza Strip
Thu, 30 Sep 2004
Israelis kills 23 Palestinians in Jabaliya refugee camp, Gaza
Bnei Sakhnin host Newcastle United at Ramat Gan stadium
Wed, 29 Sep 2004
Settlers attack CPT volunteers near Hebron
Hamas rocket kills two children in Israeli town of Sderot
Tue, 28 Sep 2004
start of "Operation Days of Penitence" -- Israeli raid into northern Gaza Strip
end of Kidnapping of Israeli Druze journalist, Riad Ali, in Gaza

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Controversial Film Roils Columbia

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Article/book #: 9853
Title: Controversial Film Roils Columbia
By: Liel Leibovitz  
Published in: The Jewish Week
Date of issue: Friday, 29 October 2004
Topic(s) addressed: People/entities mentioned in this item:
Commentary (by JB):

Note the subtlety of the bias in this article. Leibovitz talks about "anti-Israel bias", not about criticism of Israel. Thus, although the MEALAC students confirm that there was no intimidation, Leibovitz is suggesting that professors teaching in the programme have a "bias" against Israel, rather than a well-argued series of criticisms of the state.

When news broke last week of the existence of a new film allegedly exposing anti-Israeli bias at Columbia University, the campus was thrown into turmoil yet again over the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.


But in interviews with four of the seven students who appear in the film, and more than two dozen others mostly Israeli or American Jewish students who attended MEALAC classes over the last five years a much different picture emerges than the one seemingly portrayed on screen.

The students most familiar with the MEALAC department, while noting that some professors are highly critical of Israel and its policies, defended the teachers as well within the bounds of academic give-and-take.

Most of the complaints on campus appear to be from pro-Israel activist students not in the MEALAC program, raising questions of where anti-Israel bias which clearly unsettles some students ends and intimidation begins, and who can best assess the situation.

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