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Tue, 14 Jul 2009
Israeli military forces invade the northern Gaza strip; tanks and bulldozers level farm land near Beit Hanoun; open fire on Palestinian houses
Israeli occupation forces invade several Palestinian villages in the West Bank; ransack houses; harass and kidnap at least 12 Palestinian civilians
Farouk Kaddoumi accuses Mahmoud Abbas and Mohammed Dahlan of collaborating with Israel and United States to assassinate Yasser Arafa
Mon, 13 Jul 2009
Obama meets US Jewish leaders
Sun, 12 Jul 2009
Jewish colonial settlers of Beit Ain burn dozens of dunams of Palestinian agricultural land; steal harvested crops and stone Palestinian farmers
Wed, 8 Jul 2009
Israeli occupation forces invade several towns in the West Bank; harass and kidnap Palestinian residents; ransack houses
Tue, 7 Jul 2009
Israeli forces invade Bilin in the middle of the night; ransack houses; menace and kidnap residents
Sun, 5 Jul 2009
US Vice President indicates that the US would give a "green light" for Israel to attack Iran
Fri, 3 Jul 2009
Zionist Betar thugs vandalize the Resistances bookstore in Paris
Tue, 30 Jun 2009
start of Egypt seals the Rafah terminal
Israeli occupation forces storm Bil'in; harass, menace and kidnap residents
Israeli gunboats seize Gaza-bound "Spirit of Humanity", a solidarity ship
Mon, 29 Jun 2009
Dozens of Israeli soldiers invade Bil'in; ransack houses, kidnap several teenagers and menace residents
Israeli occupation forces invade several Palestinian villages in the West Bank; harass and kidnap at least 14 Palestinian civilians
Thu, 25 Jun 2009
Large Israeli military force invades Bil'in; ransacks houses, harasses and kidnaps Palestinian civilians
Khaled Meshal delivers a speech in Damascus
Wed, 24 Jun 2009
end of Mapping Models of Statehood Conference at York Univ.
Israeli PM meets French president in the Elysee Palace
Tue, 23 Jun 2009
Palestinian Authority goons kidnap at least 40 Hamas activists
Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch visits al-Aqsa mosque

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After Her Rise in China and Expulsion, a Uighur Becomes the Face of Her People

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Article/book #: 112029
Title: After Her Rise in China and Expulsion, a Uighur Becomes the Face of Her People
Published in: The New York Times
Date of issue: Wednesday, 8 July 2009
People/entities mentioned in this item:


As the global face of resistance to what she calls the worsening Chinese repression of the Uighurs, Rebiya Kadeer is displaying the tenacity and sense of destiny that drove her improbable climb inside China in decades past, from laundry girl to famed business mogul.

The Beijing government that hailed her as a model citizen in the 1990s, before imprisoning her for stealing state secrets and sending her into exile in the United States in 2005, vilifies her as the unseen hand behind protests that erupted Sunday in the Uighur homeland of western China.

“All the difficulties in my life prepared me for the tough times we face now,” said the woman, who is happy to be called the “Mother of the Uighurs,” in an interview on Tuesday.

In a plain wool suit and a traditional Uighur cap topping waist-length pigtails, Ms. Kadeer, 62, veered from impish humor and warmth — she leapt to pump the hand of a reporter who described visiting her childhood town — to intense, hand-waving condemnations of Chinese perfidy.

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