`The lines between good and evil have blurred

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Article/book #: 6543
Title: `The lines between good and evil have blurred
By: Moshe Gorali  
Published in: Ha’aretz
Date of issue: Wednesday, 31 March 2004
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"I wrote the book out of great emotional turmoil," says Moshe Negbi, the legal commentator of the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA). "Out of fear of this concentration of trampling the law and the terrible cheapening of human life. And what I find most frightening is that I'm not the only one who is afraid. There is a feeling that the legal authorities are also afraid and impotent, they don't want to fight the causes of this brutalization. Those who are supposed to stop the wave are turning into a part of it."

Negbi's new book, "Ki'Sdom Hayinu" (We Were Like Sodom), subtitled: "On the slope from a law-abiding country to a banana republic," (Keter Publishing House, in Hebrew), will be published in the coming days.

The terrified Negbi has written a terrifying book. As "an obsessive collector of newspapers," as he puts it, he has collected in the book all the bad things that he has read, and about which he has commented, in the past decade: government corruption, the rise in organized crime, racism toward Arabs, the forgiving attitude toward rabbis who incite, violence in the family, violence in the army.

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