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The Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre, better known as BICOM, is a British zionist hasbara organization which aims to monitor and influence the British media. The group is funded to a great extent by Poju Zabludowicz. According to Daniel Shek, the former CEO, AIPAC assists BICOM. [1]

"BICOM is an agency that promotes Israel right or wrong"
– Paul Usiskin, chairman of Peace Now UK [2]

Tim Llewellyn writes [3]:

Organizations such as the British Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM) have hundreds of thousands of pounds at their disposal, much of it coming directly from the United States, which sends a third of its whole, global foreign aid budget to Israel’s six million citizens (the real figure, including loan guarantees, tax breaks for charities and defence deals, could be as high as $10,000m annually, a sum which puts well into perspective last year’s USAID contribution of $8,800,000 to India’s population of 1,100m. Or, well over $1,500 per capita for Israelis, about $8.00 for an Indian)
This great flow of funds bypasses most ordinary Israeli citizens and poor and needy Jews in Israel and elsewhere and goes straight to the projection of Zionist causes and colonialism wherever it might be needed. These funds prop up, here in the United Kingdom, not just BICOM, but organizations such as Labour Friends of Israel, close to the heart of Tony Blair, the Jewish Agency (whose raison de vivre is to get as many Jews as possible to go to Israel), the World Zionist Organisation, Paoli Zion, a Labour Party affiliate, the Council of Christians and Jews, which keeps the Church of England leadership at Lambeth Palace in close self-restraint about Israel’s crimes against Christians and Christian institutions.




  1. Denyse Tannenbaum, "European media is questioning Israel’s right to exist", European Jewish Press, 10 March 2006.
  2. Charlotte Halle, "Peace Now UK is setting up a rival information service to BICOM", Haaretz, 18 July 2003.
  3. Tim Llewellyn, Publish it not… the Middle East Cover-Up: Foreword", February 2006.


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