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Amira Hass reports (11 January 2016): [1]

Ta’ayush is an easy target, too: It is neither an organization, nor an NGO. It has no charter or terms for accepting members; it is unsupervised, and there is no leadership or salaries. It is just a bunch of dedicated people devoting their lives and money to a cause. Their experience and temperament make them, in the eyes of right-wing activists, an “elite” that must be infiltrated.

For 15 years, Ta’ayush activists have been trying to prevent Palestinians living in the South Hebron Hills from being stripped of their homes, lands and livelihoods. They have served as a human shield against attacks by the settlers and Israel Defense Forces (both literally and metaphorically). That is the key to understanding the story shown on the prestigious news show.

Ta’ayush is a thorn stubbornly stuck in the well-greased machine of the Israeli army, Civil Administration, police, settlers and courts – a mechanism that is designed to expel as many Palestinians as possible from as much land as possible.

Let us believe that it is only due to their naïveté that the “Uvda” journalists became involved in the effort to extract that thorn. Ta’ayush and the reason for its existence – the policy of dispossession – are not the type of things that typically intrigues “Uvda.” The fact is that, checking the broadcasts of that prime-time slot from year-end 2014, not a single segment focuses on that Israeli-Jewish bonanza – the theft of land from Palestinians in the West Bank.

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