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AMIREH, HANNA (1948-) Born in Ramleh on 12 June 1948; moved with his family to Jerusalem in 1949; received his school education in the Old City of Jerusalem during 1954-66; was jailed in Israeli prisons from Feb.-Sept. 1968; became an Associate of Arts at Birzeit University in 1971; was jailed again by Israel, this time for five years from 1971-76; served as a Board member of the Arab Journalist Association from 1981-90; member of the PPP politburo since 1991; member of the Advisory Committee to the Palestinian delegation to the 1991 Madrid Peace Conference; PNC member since 1996; founding member and head of the Exec. Committee of the Palestinian Peace and Democracy Center in Jerusalem from 1996-2003; founding member of the Exec. Committee of the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights, Jerusalem, since 1997; member of the Palestinian Ministerial Committee on Jerusalem from 2002-04; was elected as Sec.-Gen. of the PPP (together with Mustafa Barghouthi and Abdel Majid Hamdan) at the 3rd PPP convention in Ramallah in Oct. 1998; PLO Exec. Committee member since 2001; received an MA in International Security from the Warnborough University, UK, in 2002; works as columnist and political analyst in many papers and magazines, incl. Al-Yassar and Al-Ahali (Egypt), Al-Quds (Jerusalem), Al-Tariq (Ramallah), Al-Jamaheer (Jordan), and Al-Haqa’eq (France).

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