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Frank Phillips reports (7 December 2017): [1]

Thirteen state lawmakers travel to Israel as Legislature considers boycott bill

A contingent of 13 Massachusetts lawmaker are off to Israel Thursday for a nine-day junket paid for by a registered State House lobbying group that is pushing a controversial bill that would quash boycott and sanction efforts against the Jewish state for its policies toward Palestinians. As it has for years, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston, which arranged and will lead the tour, is also paying the tab for the lawmakers – a price tag that can reach as high $6,000 a person.


The itinerary closely follows the previous trips that JCRC has conducted over the years: a series of sessions with Israeli officials, educators, political figures, civic leaders and several Palestinians. But it is also interlaced with the usual tourist activities: floating in the Dead Sea, browsing through ancient markets, visiting the Holocaust memorial, and traveling to the country’s most famous historic sites.

The legislators making the trip are: Senators Joseph Boncore and Patrick O’Connor; Representatives Linda Dean Campbell, Evandro Carvalho, Gerard Cassidy, Kenneth Gordon, Danielle Gregoire, David Muradian, Jerald Parisella, Jeffrey Sánchez, Alan Silvia, Chynah Tyler, and RoseLee Vincent.

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