Alan Shatter

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Alan Shatter is an ex-member of the Irish Parliament, for the Fine Gael party. He is liberal on most social issues. However, like most Irish Jews, he supports Zionism.

Stuart Littlewood reports: [1]

At question time it emerged that even the Irish government has its 'Zionist Tendency'. Irish MP Alan Shatter argued that "I find it extraordinary that a group such as this should make a presentation to the committee on the plight confronting Christians on the West Bank and Gaza and on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without any particular mention or emphasis on the substantial difficulties that fundamentalism in the Muslim world has created, of the major difficulties in Gaza created by Hamas and of the significant problems for the Christian community posed by extremists within Gaza."
"It is my understanding that there have been a number of incidents in Gaza. When I met [Palestinian] president Abbas he detailed many deaths that occurred in Gaza in the context of the Christian community. Fr Musallam commented on one of the events, which was an attack and looting of the Latin Catholic church in Gaza and a nearby school run by nuns in 2007. From my knowledge of having visited Gaza, pressure has been put on the Christian community. There has been a series of attempts to impose a fundamentalist Muslim perspective on the workings in Gaza."
Archbishop Hanna was able to quickly put the MP in his place. "Shatter's speech was full of inaccuracies and non-factual statements," he said. "We are not here as politicians; we are men of spirituality and are talking about peace. At one point, I believed the MP speaking was the Israeli ambassador, not an Irish parliamentarian."
"I urge the MP to check his facts. With regard to religious extremism and segregation, we are absolutely against any kind of religious fundamentalism, be it Jewish, Muslim or Christian. I and others from the Christian community and Muslim mosques, and even some Jewish people, work together against fundamentalism."

This article, dated 8 June 2019, had the title:

Shatter should not use his religion to avoid confronting his own hubris

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