Jerusalem Summit

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Jerusalem Summit is an extreme zionist-racist organization advocating further ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

Comment by Jeffrey Blankfort:

This is an outfit that so reeks with the notion of Jewish supremacy that the more naive one might try to dismiss it as "forgery" or satire but it is one of the more covert components of the The Israel Lobby. And after you finish with this, if you are able to do so, check out the site that it came from


International Advisory Board
Michael Cherney, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dmitry Radyshevsky, Executive director of the Summit Martin Sherman, Academic Director
Gary Bauer, Chairman, President, American Values
Academic Committee:
Christopher Barder Atalia Ben Meir Josef Bodansky
Debora Bodlander Ron Breiman David Bukay
Rachel Ehrenfeld Hillel Fradkin Raphael Israeli
Mordechai Nisan Moshe Sharon David Pryce-Jones
Shlomo Slonim Johny Swails Meyrav Wurmser
Xu Xin
Public Affairs Committee:
Lord Pearson, of Rannoch Marisa Albert Morris Amitay
Paul Cerjan (Lt. Gen. US Army, Ret.) Yoram Ettinger Sergei Filatov
K.P.S. Gill Malcolm Hedding Richard A. Hellman
Alan Keyes L. A. Lacalle Pres. (Frm.) Michael Landau
Esther Levens Kenneth Meshoe Myles Munroe
Paul Vallely (US Army Gen.) Leah Susskind
Media Committee:
John Batchelor Mike Evans Michael Freund
John Loftus Itamar Marcus Dennis Prager
Ben Stein Bret Stephens R. Emmett Tyrell
Source: International Advisory Board (Accessed: 14 October 2008)

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