Steven Salaita

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Steven Salaita, an Arab American whose father is from Jordan, was (2006) Assistant Professor of English at Virginia Tech. He was also the Executive Director of RAWI, the Radius of Arab American Writers, Inc.


From the Virginia Tech Univ. biography:

I like to work at the intersection of scholarly, aesthetic, political, and autobiographical discourses. My work focuses largely on Arab Americans, a focus for which I was somehow prepared in the field of Native American Studies. This background has led to a serious interest in all sorts of comparative ethnic studies and an increasing focus on critical race studies. I am an avid reader of all types of modern American literature, with a special proclivity for Native literature, Arab American literature, and so-called immigrant literature. I also try and find time for Anglophone world literature, particularly that arising from Palestine and the Arab Diaspora. These are the categories in which I have invested the majority of my research. The rest of my research is trained on problematizing the assumptions that invest those categories with meaning--i.e., I have a secondary interest in literary theory. VT biography

Steven Salaita comments (2 June 2015):

After significant evidence of lying, malfeasance, lawbreaking, donor pressure, the unreported collusion of handpicked faculty, rationales for motivation that change by the week (or hour), stonewalling, misdirection, hypocrisy, contradiction, refusal to make information public, graft, inconsistency, campaigns to dig into my personal life (and that of my family), undemocratic governance, suppression, hubris, incompetence, obtuseness, vitriol, and insouciance, or the continued lack of even opaque evidence that I've ever behaved unethically despite the small army of folks trying to find something, anything, to retroactively justify the decision, I'm stunned that some people still believe my firing is basically about Twitter.

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