Karl Sabbagh

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Karl Sabbagh, the son of a British mother and a Palestinian father (Isa Khalil Sabbagh), is a writer and television producer with 25 years of experience describing complex events and subjects for a nonspecialist audience. His programs for the BBC and PBS have encompassed physics, medicine, psychology, philosophy, technology, and anthropology. Two of his television projects have been accompanied by best-selling books: The Living Body and Skyscraper. Sabbagh has written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines, including The Sunday Times, New Scientist, The Listener, and Punch. He has also hosted a regular BBC radio series called Science Now. His other books include 21st Century Jet: The Making and Marketing of the Boeing 777; A Rum Affair: A True Story of Botanical Fraud; and The Riemann Hypothesis: The Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics.

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