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Ze’ev Smilansky

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  • Zeev Smilansky
  • Zeiev Smilansky
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Ze'ev Smilansky (1873-1944) was a writer and a member of the first wave of Zionist settlers in Palestine. Born in the Ukraine, he first came to Palestine in either 1890 or 1891 (in this article, his son, Yizhar Smilansky, says that 'My father came from Odessa in 1890, at the age of 16, together with some of his brothers and sisters, with a Bible in one hand and Tolstoy in the other'). After falling ill, he returned to Russia but settled permanently in Palestine in the following decade.

David Smilansky was his brother.

Ze'ev Smilansky married Mary Weitz, sister of Joseph Weitz. Yizhar Smilansky was his son.

Some sources say he was a nephew of Moshe Smilansky but this article says that they were brothers and this would seem correct. Indeed there seems a lot of confusion about - this Ze'ev Smilansky is described as a cousin of Moshe Smilansky.

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