Khaled Hroub

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Khaled Hroub is a Palestinian, born into a refugee camp in Bethlehem, and now part of the diaspora of educated intellectuals. Hroub is currently director of the Arab Media Project at Cambridge University, hosts a weekly book review programme for Al-Jazeera TV, and has written three previous books.

Khaled Hroub is director of the Cambridge Arab Media Project in association with in association with the Centre of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge, where he previously served as visiting scholar. He has also worked for the Middle East Programme of the International Institute of International Studies in London. Mr. Hroub is host of the weekly book review program, Books and Authors, on Aljazeera; editor of the forthcoming book, New Media and Politics in the Arab World; author of Hamas: Political Thought and Practice; and weekly contributor to the Arab daily newspapers Al-Hayat, Al-Sharq, Al-Ittihad, Al-Kahera, and Al-Ghad. He has also written for the International Herald Tribune and his academic writings have appeared in Middle East Journal, Middle East International, Journal for Palestine Studies, Shu’un Arabyya, Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies, Outre Terre, and Internationale Politik. Mr. Khroub is a member of Queens’ College

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