International Advisory Board for Academic Freedom (IAB)

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The International Advisory Board for Academic Freedom, founded on the initiative of Bar-Ilan University, is a Zionist organization established to fight the academic boycott of Israel. Their website.

IAB Executive Committee

(Source; Note that there are several sources (the conference list and the list kept on the Bar-Ilan Univ. website) for this list and they are slightly different. The list above is a union of both sources).
Participants at the January 2007 Bar-Ilan conference to plan a lobbying campaign against proposals for an academic boycott:
Jane Ashworth Shlomo Avineri Mitchell Bard
Anne Bayefsky Edward Beck Hadassa Ben-Itto
Ramiro Cibrian-Uzal Ben Cohen Tova Cohen
Munther S. Dajani Michael Daxner Alan Dershowitz
Alek D. Epstein Ronnie Fraser Manfred Gerstenfeld
Merle Goldman Daniel Grossman Adrian Guelke
David Hirsh Anthony Julius Asa Kasher
Moshe Kaveh Eugene Korn Martin Kramer
Simon McDonald David Newman Jeremy Newmark
Fiamma Nirenstein Jon Pike Melanie Phillips
Robert Quinn Amnon Rubinstein Jonathan Rynhold
Joshua Schwartz Herve Seligmann Miriam Shlesinger
Gerald M. Steinberg David Marc Stern Bernard Susser
Daniel Taub Angelika Timm Shmuel Trigano
Menahem Yaari Yossi Yeshurun Michael Yudkin
Yaffa Zilbershats    

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