Barbara Ledeen

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Barbara Ledeen is the former director of Independent Women's Forum, a ultra-conservative think tank. She is the wife of prominent neo-con columnist and political operator Michael Ledeen. She is also a supporter of the projects run by Charles Jacobs (Save Darfur, David Project, Anti-Slavery group). (source) Her Beloit college biography (with photo).

From the Washington Monthly Blog:
The scoop on Barbara Ledeen and her husband, Michael...

Barbara Ledeen worked for the heavily Scaife-, Olin-, Bradley- funded Independent Women's Forum.

She is supposedly the one who was the go-between between Matt Drudge and Scaife-funded lawyers when Drudge got into trouble over spreading the lies about Sid Blumenthal. If you remember, Ledeen lost his chance for tenure at Washington University in St. Louis for, among other things, plagiarism(Source), and I believe it was Blumenthal who pointed out the plagiarism.

Anyway, Barbara Ledeen's chores at the IWF included working on the protect-wrestling movement and working on undermining affirmative action for women. Welcome to - The Ultimate Source for Real Wrestling! (Source)

Barbara Ledeen got drop-kicked from the IWF like yesterday's compost in a shake-up. I remember hearing at the time it happened who it was who locked Ledeen out of her office; unfortuantely, that article has since disappeared. The IWF is writing all nicey-nice about it now, however: Independent Women's Forum - News (Source)

What is clear is that Ledeen wanted to make the IWF more "activist," and others did not. The others won. Babs lost (NCFM EZine Gazette).

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