Jennifer Griffen

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Jennifer Griffen is a correspondent for Fox News in Jerusalem.

Comment by As'ad AbuKhalil:

How cute. The Jerusalem correspondent of Fox News is married to a correspondent of the New York Times. I used to think that Jennifer Griffen of Fox News is less bad than CNN correspondents, and she is in her reports. But I watched her on C-Span, and it was unbelievable. How little she knows about the Middle East, and how propagandistic she was in her advocacy of the State of Israel. She had to do that propaganda line used by Israeli that Israel is very narrow at its narrowest point. Well. Palestine is very narrow and vulnerable at is narrowest and widest points. How about that. It was quite interesting that she only talked about the deaths of Israelis but not of Palestinians. And she could not stop reminding the audience that she went to Harvard University. An American I met early in my journey here in the US told me early on that Americans refer to "going to college" except those who go to Harvard who have to say that they "went to Harvard." Jennifer Griffen went to Harvard, please help her celebrate. Every time Harvard impresses you remember that Martin Peretz taught at Harvard, and that Al Gore was a student at Harvard. (Source)

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