Jonathan Rosenhead

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Jonathan Rosenhead (b: 1939) is (2013) chair of the British Committee for Universities of Palestine.

He has been a member of staff at the London School of Economics since 1967 and Professor of Operational Research from 1987. He is now officially retired, but still teaches and researches there. He was a Labor Party candidate for Parliament in 1966 and was heavily involved in the British Society for Social Responsibility in Science for 20 years.

In this article, dated 11 April 2017, Rosenhead says:

I grew up in a thoroughly Zionist family in Liverpool. I spent the summer of 1956 in Israel on the Jewish Agency’s Summer Institute project. I celebrated without any doubts Israel’s military victories from 1948 through to 1967. Many others have since then, like me, been forced by Israel’s continuing treatment of the Palestinians to rethink and regret our former position.


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