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Shmuel Tolkowsky ... moved to Palestine in 1911 ... in 1915 he married Hanna, the daughter of Yitzhak Leib Goldberg, a founder of the Jewish Foundation Fund, the holding company of Bank Leumi. ... in a Zionist publication he wrote in 1916, he was described as a 'agricultural engineer in Jaffa' ... had a wide business network ... besides being the Israeli consul in Bern and a partner in one of the largest citrus groups in Israel (Pardes Syndicate, later part of the Recanati family empire) he was a board member of various companies. One of these was Migdal, a subsidiary of Africa-Israel Investments -- a joint venture of South African investors which was later taken over by Bank Leumi and then sold to Lev Avnerovich Leviev.

Samuel Tolkowsky ... secretary of Chaim Weizmann ... ... born in Antwerp to Polish-Jewish parents ... was a small, stocky man, with a big head, blue eyes, and a prominent nose. ... Tolkowsky settled in Palestine in 1911. Raphael Patai married his youngest daughter, Naomi.

He was the father of Dan Tolkowsky.

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