Paul Eisen

(L-R) Paul Eisen; University of Oxford Professor Avi Shlaim; Issam Nashashibi; and Professor Daniel McGowan, outside The Middle East Centre of the University of Oxford
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Paul Eisen, an anti-Zionist British Jew based in London, is a director of Deir Yassin Remembered.

Marc Ellis comments (19 August 2015):

I know Paul from many years ago and yes he went off the deep (Holocaust) end with his troublemaking friend Gilad Atzmon - but really all the fuss about both of them just highlights the tremendous insecurity of the Left. The tribunals are everywhere, even the Alison Weir affair on the non-Jewish side of things, but where do they lead us? [FB]

Gilad Atzmon comments (18 August 2015):[1]

Eisen’s ‘crime’ seems obvious - he doesn’t adhere to the Zionist orthodox Shoah narrative. But Eisen doesn’t dispute the fact that German National Socialism despised the Jewish race, he doesn’t dispute the mass deportation of Jews, he doesn’t condone German National Socialist racism against Jews and others. Eisen doesn’t dispute the fact that many Jews died under the Nazi regime in some horrid and unfortunate circumstances.

However, Eisen is sceptical on issues to do with the homicidal nature of the Nazi operation. He is not convinced that the Germans used gas chambers as a death factory.

Eisen could be right or wrong (as he himself admits in his writing), but does such a belief mount to ‘anti Semitism,’ racism or ‘hate crime’? Can the questioning of the past be considered a hateful act under any circumstances?

It’s quite the opposite: the ability to revisit and revise the past is the kernel of ethical, humanist and universal thinking. It is the attempt to grasp ‘what really happened’ which helps us to form the prospect of a better future. Eisen calls himself a ‘holocaust denier’ but did anyone within the (free) British press care to perform the minimal journalist duty and investigate what Eisen means by his ‘denial’? The answer is no.

Eisen is obviously an opponent of the Holocaust industry, Holocaust religion and Holocaust exploitation. Eisen was tormented (as a Jew) to find out that the Israeli Holocaust museum Yad Vashem was erected on the lands of Ayn Karim, a ethnically cleansed Palestinian village. Eisen was tortured when he realised that Yad Vashem was built in proximity to Deir Yassin, a Palestinian village that was erased along with its inhabitants in a colossal cold-blooded massacre by Jewish paramilitaries in 1948.

Just three years after the liberation of Auschwitz, the newly born Jewish state wiped out a civilization in Palestine in the name of a racist Jewish nationalist ideology. It is this vile cynicism that turned Eisen into a denier – a denier of the primacy of Jewish suffering. In his eyes, if the Jews could commit the massacre in Deir Yassin after Auschwitz, the holocaust must be denied because it failed to mature into a universal ethical message. 

Again, you may agree with Eisen or you may not, but his humanist and critical approach qualifies him to be the Labour kingmaker. We can only thank British Jews and their forceful media to position Paul Eisen exactly where he belongs.

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