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Dr. Yehuda Leo Kohn (J.U.D.) (1893/4-1961) was, from 1953 until his death in June 1961, Weizmann Professor of International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Born in Frankfurt, Dr. Kohn settled in Jerusalem in 1925 and served as political secretary to the Jewish Agency from 1934 to 1948. He was named political adviser to the Foreign Ministry when the State was established in 1948, receiving the rank of Ambassador ten years later.

Kohn studied law at several universities in Germany, including the University of Heidelberg , where he received a Doctorate of Law on "The Constitution of the independent Irish state". He was commissioned to draft a constitution for Israel; as of 2014, the state still has no constitution.

After the 1947 UN Resolution, the Jewish Agency for Palestine (of the World Zionist Organization) had Dr. Lio Kohn prepare a draft constitution. Later, when the first Knesset was supposed to draft a new constitution, it decided not to adopt the draft authored by Kohn -- David Ben-Gurion argued against rushing into adopting a constitution and, sixty years later, Israeli still does not have one.

Kohn headed the Israel Delegation to the United Nations Mediator on Palestine in June, 1948. He subsequently served as a member of the Israel Delegation to the Fifth General Assembly of the United Nations and as Chairman of the Israel Delegation to the UNESCO General Conference held in Florence in May 1950. He is the author of a treatise on The Constitution of the Irish Free State (1932), of the Draft Constitution for Israel (issued as a State Paper at Hakirya, Tel Aviv, in 1949), and of various articles on constitutional and political subjects.

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