Joel Matthew Anderle

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Rev. Joel Matthew Anderle is the senior pastor of the Community Covenant Church in West Peabody, MA, USA. He is a christian zionist clergyman who went to Israel with Project Interchange (Source).

From his Community Covenant Church biography

Pastor Joel has served Community Covenant since autumn, 1999. Originally from Michigan, Joel graduated from Hope College (BA) and The Divinity School, the University of Chicago, (MDiv) with studies at North Park Seminary, and he's close to finishing a ThM at Harvard Divnity School. Joel has a passionate interest for the intersection of faith and culture and loves films, music and art. He loves to read. He relishes his eccumenical work, on behalf of the Evangelical Covenant denomination, with the Massachusetts Council of Churches, and interfaith work with the clergy of Peabody. Married to Janine Post, a nurse practioner, they have five children,Micah, Evangeline, Sophia, Magdalena, and Mattias. Joel runs regularly and plays right wing on an adult ice hockey team. Joel's call to faithful vocational life are evident in his preaching and teaching.

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