Jeremy Milgrom

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Jeremy Milgrom is a Conservative Rabbi, born in the United States, who moved to Israel as a teenager, in 1968. He is a member of Rabbis for Human Rights.

He states that his "rabbinate is devoted to refining and amplifying the universalist humanist message in Judaism, e.g., by establishing and directing Clergy for Peace, an interfaith initiative for justice and peace in the Middle East, and assisting the dispossessed Jahalin Boedouin on behalf of Rabbis for Human Rights".

He has said:

The best way to characterize the situation is by calling it colonialism. Itís the systematic domination and marginalization of the Palestinian people. ... At a certain level I understand why Palestinians resort to violence, but my hope and my belief is that a person should never do harm to anyone else. The argument against violence must be buttressed by very tangible avenues of justice and thatís what Israel does not provide at all. ... [Both the Oslo agreement and the road map have only created the] illusion of independence. ... I personally would like to see a single state where Jews and Palestinians live together. This obviously means there cannot be privileges for one side and there has to be justice. (See here)
These sentiments seem to qualify him as non-Zionist, or even anti-Zionist, but, perhaps, he would not agree, given that he himself has immigrated into Israel.

He was one of the signatories of this appeal for international intervention.

In June 2003, he expressed his support to Ilan Pappe for the conference on the historiography of 1948 which the latter was organizing for 17 June 2003 in the University of Haifa and which the university authorities had earlier tried to abort.

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