Ruth Gavison

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Ruth Gavison (b. Jerusalem 1945) is a Hebrew University law professor, and also "founder and president of the Metzila Center for Zionist, Jewish, liberal and humanistic thought. The center is currently formulating proposed guidelines for an immigration policy for Israel."

Ran HaCohen's opinion of Gavison

Gavison has a "left Zionist" profile but is regarded by Ran HaCohen as right-wing. This article (5 August 2003) by Gavison was discussed in the Alef electronic discussion forum just after it was published. Here is what HaCohen said about her in a posting to this discussion (7 August 2003):

These ritual attacks on Ruth Gavison, in which I myself have taken part in the past, are becoming ritualised, and thus symptomatic. If the same article had been signed by Affe Eitam (Gavison's partner to the Kineret Nonsense), it would have aroused no fury.

In Israel, a single slip-of-tongue (like Sharon's later-denied "occupation must end") is enough to turn a right-winger into a leftist, in spite of a life-long carriere of blood and death, in spite of deeds and words in past and present.

On the other hand, a leftist remains a leftist forever. No matter how much right-wing casuistics Ruth Gavison produces, no matter how many time she – or Amnon Rubinstein, or Ari Shavit – take extreme nationalist, racist and fascist positions, no matter how remote and dubious their leftist carrier is: they always remain leftists in our eyes, we keep taking them seriously as intellectuals whose word is worth listening to.

Well, it is not. First because Gavison's right-wingness in just as right-wing and just as uninteresting as that of Affe Eitam, Benny Begin or Hillel Weiss. Moreover: whereas the latters have openly and consistently been right-wingers all their life, Ruth Gavison, Rubinstein and Shavit either concealed their racism and fascism when these were out of fashion, which means they are hypocrits; or changed their deepest convictions with the wind, which means they are oppurtunists.

At any rate, they are not worth listening to. Whoever considers them left-wing – and the astonishment and fury is part of this – is just strengthening them by letting them ride the Trojan horse of leftist image with right-wing convictions.

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