Judith Butler

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Judith Butler (1956-) is Maxine Elliot Professor in the Departments of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature University of California, Berkeley

Butler-Baker dispute and correspondence

Prof. Butler has been critical of Prof. Mona Baker. When she first learned this, Prof. Baker sent this letter to Prof. Butler. Butler did not reply. (On 26 January 2004, Butler contacted the editors of this website to say that she did reply. However, Baker subsequently said that she never received any reply from Butler.)

Despite this letter from Prof. Baker, Butler published an article in the 21 August 2003 issue of the London Review of Books in which she was, again, critical of Baker. On 21 August 2003, Prof. Baker sent this letter to the editor of the London Review of Books, refuting Butler's charge of anti-semitism.

Readers are left to decide for themselves what they think of Butler's criticism. The editors of this website are positive that Prof. Baker is not a racist of any description.

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