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Prof. Suleiman Abdullah Schleifer (1935-) ...

In May 2006, Dr. Suleiman Abdullah Schleifer was named the Washington D.C. Bureau Chief for the Dubai-based pan-Arab satellite television news channel, Al-Arabiya.

For many years, he was director of the Adham Center for Television Journalism and distinguished lecturer in mass communication at the American University of Cairo. He is also publisher and senior editor of Transnational Broadcasting Studies.

Abdullah Schleifer was born Marc D. Schleifer to a Jewish family in New York but converted to Islam in the 1960s.

One of the early contributors to the Village Voice, Schleifer was the founder and editor of Kulchur magazine, which was supported by Lita Hornick. After the first three issues appeared, he went to Cuba.

Prior to joining the AUC faculty, Schleifer served as NBC News Cairo Bureau Chief and Middle East producer/reporter based in Beirut, and covered the Middle East for American and Arab media for over 20 years. In 1997-8, on sabbatical leave from AUC for the academic year, Schleifer signed on for a one-year assignment to reorganize along professional lines the Arab Radio & Television (ART) Broadcast and Production Center in Avezzano, Italy, as its managing director, reporting directly to Sheikh Saleh Kamel.

He supports (2002) the Palestinian American Research Center.

Comment by As'ad AbuKhalil:

Saturday, December 16, 2006
I never liked and never admired Abdullah Schleifer, the new director of Al-Arabiya office in Washington, DC. He is a convert to Islam, and--like many converts--became a fanatic (especially in his love for House of Saud) and befriended Ayman Ad-Dhawahiri for a while. But look at this sentence from this interview in which Schleifer heaps praise on Saudi media--yes, there is no conflict-of-interest here: "Although I am not good in Arabic, but I have a feeling that Gulf media are more professional than the media in Bilad Ash-Sham, Iraq, and Egypt."(Source)

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