Allen L. Bartlett

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The Right Reverend Allen Lyman Bartlett Jr. was (2001-2004) Assisting Bishop in the Episcopalian Diocese of Washington. He was appointed by the Bishop of Washington, the Rt. Rev. John Bryson Chane, to continue his duties as Assisting Bishop of the Diocese of Washington, begun under Bishop pro tempore Jane Holmes Dixon in January, 2001.

In his part-time capacity, Bishop Bartlett visited congregations, provided pastoral care and counseling to clergy and lay leadership, and represented Bishop Chane in ecumenical and interfaith matters and judicatory leadership meetings.

Bishop Bartlett served as rector of Zion Church, Charles Town, WV from 1961-70 and as Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Louisville, KY from 1970 to 1986. His ministry was characterized by community leadership during civil rights struggles in West Virginia and Kentucky, the formation of an inner-city street ministry to serve the poor and homeless in the Louisville area, and the use of the Louisville Cathedral for civic, ecclesiastical, and artistic events.

Bishop Bartlett has been a Deputy to seven General Conventions and was a six-year member of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church. Elected Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Philadelphia in 1986, he became Diocesan the following year and retired in May 1998. During his tenure in Philadelphia, the Diocese of Pennsylvania focused its efforts on congregational development, ministry to human need, and expanded facilities and leadership.

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Bishop Bartlett graduated from the University of the South. He worked as a reporter and served in the US Navy before graduating from Virginia Theological Seminary (M. Div.). He holds a D.Min. degree from VTS and DD degrees from both VTS and the University of the South. He is married to the former Jerriette Kohlmeier of Washington, DC, and lives in Philadelphia.

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