David Newman

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David Newman is (2001) is a political geographer, founder and chair of the Department of Politics and Government at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. His degrees are from the University of London (BA - 1978) and the University of Durham (PhD - 1981). From 1982-1987 he was a member of faculty at the Department of Geography at Tel Aviv University, and from 1987-1998 at the Department of geography at the Ben Gurion University.

Prior to setting up the Department of Politics, Newman was Director of the Humphrey Institute for Social Research at Ben Gurion University. He has spent periods of time as a visiting professor of Geography at the University of Calgary (1993-1994) and of Political Science at York University, Toronto, Canada (1994-1995).

Newman specialises in political geography and geopolitics and has published widely on the territorial aspects of the Arab/Israel conflict. He currently serves as editor of the international journal, Geopolitics (published three times yearly in London) - formerly known as Geopolitics and International Boundaries (see journal web site at: www.frankcass.com/jnls). He also writes a fortnightly political commentary column, which appears in the Jerusalem Post.

Yarden Skop reports:[1]

He has been a leading advocate of the academic partnership between the countries, and a key campaigner against the British academic boycott of Israel.

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