Dan Miron

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Prof. Dan Miron is an Israeli Literary scholar. Miron holds the title of Professor emeritus at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and is currently the Leonard Kaye Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature in the Department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University.

In 2004, Miron, a senior departmental colleague of Joseph Massad at Columbia, who had a vote on the latter's promotion and tenure, expressed open support for the campaign of intimidation based on hearsay which was, at that time, being waged against Massad -- see this article

Miron is a leading authority on Hebrew literature. His influential books (more than twenty, in both Hebrew and English) study most of the prominent Hebrew and Yiddish authors, fiction writers, and poets since the revival of Hebrew literature in the nineteenth century. As an editor-scholar, he is responsible for some of the most important literary collections to be published in Hebrew in the previous century, including collections of Bialik's poems and Gnessin's stories. His latest book, From the Worm a Butterfly Emerges, is an examination of the life and work of the young Natan Alterman. Miron has received the Israel prize for his contribution to the study of Hebrew literature.

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