Ya’coub (Yaqoub) Farraj

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Ya'coub Farraj (1874-1944) ... Born in Jerusalem around 1874 to a Christian family; became a radical pan-Arab after WW I, whilst also being pro-British and anti-Zionist; served as Greek Orthodox representative to the Administrative Committee of the MCA in 1918; was Jerusalem delegate to the 1st Palestinian-Arab Congress held in Jerusalem in 1919; preferred Palestinian independence; elected to the 7th Palestinian National Congress (June 1928) as Christian representative and Vice-Pres.; headed the Palestinian National Conference in Oct. 1929, which announced cooperation with the 1929/30 Shaw Commission; Vice-Pres.of the Arab Executive Committee in 1934; in Jan. 1935, officially appointed Arab deputy mayor of Jerusalem, representing the Jewish and Christian communities respectively; elected representative to the Arab Higher Committee for the Jerusalem Christians in 1936; member of the delegation to the London Conference in Feb. 1939; brother of Boulus Shihadeh; cousin of Khalil as-Sakakini; close to Ragheb Nashashibi and a member of Al-Difa opposition party; died in Jerusalem in 1944.

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